On September 1, 2019, the Office of Court Administration (OCA) initiated the Guardianship Abuse, Fraud, and Exploitation Deterrence Program (GAFEDP) to provide additional resources to courts presiding over guardianship cases. Program guardianship compliance specialists review guardianship files to identify reporting deficiencies by guardians; audit annual accountings, and report findings back to courts. The program also reports concerns of potential abuse, fraud or financial exploitation.

As a part of the program, OCA has developed the Texas Guardianship Online Reporting System as an automated, electronic tool for filing required reports, annual accountings, and other documents in guardianship cases in large part to aid and facilitate the completion of reports for guardians throughout the state. This system will also provide a method to notify guardians when their reports are due as well as courts when required reports are delinquent. The annual reports of the well-being and the financial annual accounts will be monitored to ensure the data submitted is complete and accurate.

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